Gardner TLB Plus Alarms



  • The introduction of this new design brings this awesome range of buzzers right up to date with the latest developments in bite indication technology, as they are now fully compatible with both the V2 and Deluxe ATT Receivers.
  • They feature brand new digital circuitry that elevates the compact heads performance and adds extra functions over the original Compact heads. A 3-way switch allows the unit to be turned off, set on silent mode (transmission only) or set on with audible output as well.


  • LED flashes once when the unit is powered on.
  • Lightweight rubberized free running roller will operate with light bobbins.
  • High powered speaker and 10 second LED latch time (Speaker output is measured as 93dB at 10cm).
  • Fully compatible with all the V2 ATTx Receivers and Deluxe Receivers.
  • The black 3K carbon style plastic face plate maintains an excellent signal to the receiver.
  • Heavy gauge matt black roller wheel cover protects from frosting.
  • Fully WEE compliant.
  • Full 1 year guarantee
  • Includes Battery and padded protective Pouch.
  • H 65mm x W 46mm x D 36mm.
  • Available with Blue, red, purple, green or white LED's.
The Gardner TLB Plus Alarms is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Sep 27, 2020