Van Den Eynde Super Black Groundbait

van den eynde


Tri-Cast Highfield star Lee Addy rates Van den Eynde Super Black as one of his favorites.

I've been using Van den Eynde Super Black for quite some time now and I rate it as probably the best groundbait for difficult, clear-water canals in winter.

Super Black is a fine groundbait based on the highly successful Supercup, and does not contain too much food content.

It's brilliant for roach and skimmers in depths up to about six feet and depending on how it is mixed, you can create a lingering cloud to catch small fish on the drop, or you can make it sink quickly to form an expanding cloud on the bottom.

By itself, it's a light textured groundbait but it can be mixed with others to give it more weight if required.

I also occasionally use it in a small open end feeder, often with chopped worms, to catch perch when I'm really struggling for bites.


An ultra-fine groundbait for use in clear water conditions and on waters which are heavily fished. It's developed to create a suspended cloud of cover for wary or shy feeding fish. Anglers will find this grounbait to be particularly valuable on days when it's imperative not to overfeed.

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