MIDDY Baggin' Machine CS24 pole



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  • This new pole has a whopping, animal-taming 24 elastic strength. In addition to the 3-kit in the pole, you get a 2-kit and two full elastication kits FREE with the 9.5m and 11m packages.
  • The 13m package includes a reversible mini extension that fits the 11m and 12.5m sections, as well as a 3-kit in the pole, two 2-kits and three full elastication kits.
  • The pole is made from new Synaptic MTDI carbon that withstands the pressure of extreme catches yet still allows you to play and feel carp to the net safely.
  • Stiff enough for match, yet strong enough for carp, both the 3-kit and the 2-kit are built to be 24 strong.

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