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Rod Hutchinson Mulberry Florentine gourmet pop ups 15mm

Rod Hutchinson


Rod’s baits are effective in the short sessions as well as in the longest ones. They are rolled using the liquid and flavours of the classic Legend range, combining in themselves more than 30 years of carp angling history more than 30 years of big carp caught all around the world. Mulberry Florentine Ready-Made comes back as a giant composed by an incredibly seed-rich birdfood mix, to achieve a very effective diffusion of its attraction in your swim. The Fruit Appetite Stimulator has been added to fix the taste of one of the strongest flavours ever, that is Mulberry Florentine. Rod loves to define this boilie as the “hunting dog” par excellence in fact, it is able to give you a result even when you fish only for a few hours. Number One then and now!

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