Van Den Eynde Superlake Groundbait

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Van den Eynde Superlake was originally developed by Marcel Van den Eynde in Belgium for lake fishing. It was called Vijver-Flemish for 'lake'. Although in the UK it is commonly used as part of basic groundbait mix on many canals and rivers. For instance, it goes nicely with Supercup, adding flavour, a slightly coarser texture and more attractants. This is a good mix for skimmers on canals because it spreads to form a 'carpet' on the bottom for the fish to graze over.

It goes really well with World Champion as well on rivers or deep stillwaters, lightening the heavy World Champion quite a bit to produce a groundbait that goes down fast, but doesn't take ages to break up.

For clear rivers and canals, use Superlake and Supermatch for a lovely dark brown mix.

Ideal Uses: Superlake is a Van Den Eynde groundbait specifically developed for the prolific stillwaters of England and Ireland. 'Vijver' literally means 'lake' in Flemish, so Marcel has taken this groundbait from his original Belgian range and added to it more protein and activators to enhance its rich clouding effect. Superlake's texture when mixed is fairly light and is intended to be introduced by hand ' every chuck'. It breaks up quickly in 8-10ft of water to produce a substantial cloud effect. It's important to riddle the groundbait after mixing as this gives it a superb 'fluffy' texture.

Proven Recipe Suggestions:
1 bag Superlake with 1/3 bag Brasem. For open end feeder on stillwaters which hold bream, hybrids and skimmers. Use this mix to carry loose offering of casters, squats, etc. in the swimfeeder to the baited area.
1 part Superlake, 1part World Champion, part Special. Use as a bloodworm joker mix on still waters where lots of small fish are present. This is Marcels favourite mix for this type of water.
1 part Superlake. For use on occasions when the requirement is for feeding groundbait by hand every 'chuck'! It breaks up quickly to produce a substantial cloud effect at depths of up to 10ft.

Mixing Instructions:
For best results, place groundbait and additives in a round mixing bowl.
Blend the dry ingredients thoroughly before adding water.
Add water slowly whilst vigorously stirring the mix together. This procedure is made easier with a sponge, which allows even distribution of water.
The use of a round groundbait bowl means there are no corners to trap and leave dry groundbait.
When the mix begins to appear adequately dampened set it aside for 5-10 minutes.
You should find after 10 minutes the mix will require a little more water before it's ready for use.
If you are using damp leam add it to the mixture now, and not earlier.

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